Center for Open Shade Balls

There's some way for everyone to help!

We believe everyone has value, and one of our goals is to make sure that people of all skill levels have the ability and opportunity to participate in the vision of using shade balls to fight hurricanes.


Help people understand this concept, and how it can be applied to their everyday lives. Let people know how easy it would be to help, and show them specific ways they would best be able to contribute.

Climate Scientists

Help us calculate where the best places to put shade balls under a storm are. We'll use that information and pass it down to the drone pilots so they can act on it.


If you know anything about arcgis, We'll need a way to show people where the thermodynamics are going need to be targeted, and how to get them there.

HVAC Technicians/Earthship Dwellers

We need to find the most opportune places to put the balls under the storm, and we'll need you to help drone ship pilots direct the pods to the right locations. This knowledge that is specific to HVAC and this knowledge that is specific to hurricanes are built on the same principles. If you know how air moves around a house, you can apply it to how air moves around a planet.


Manufacturers might be challenged to produce on-site. There's CO2 in the air and H in the water, let's use that to get methane and use that to get ethylene.

This Gulf Oil Spill could be used to make the ethylene plastic! That way we could stop a hurricane and clean up our environment at the same time!


Let's design a barge that can take air and water, potentially oil spill, too, and turn it into plastic shade balls. These plastic balls can be used to further produce more production barges, developing abundant raw material.

Pilots/Video Gamers

Drone Pilots will be needed to control drone ships so that we can push these floating ball pods into location! If you're really really good, maybe you can convince SpaceX to drive theirs!


This project will need power and we can't ship a ton of fuel there, and solar is going to make any solution too cumbersome to be agile enough and not to mention inefficient in a hurricane. We also need something that will be very lightweight for some types of shade balls. Is kilopower feasible for use in a barge? this would seem to have less limitations than putting it in aircraft. (BTW we love kilopower as a power source for hot air balloons. Could make shade balls for more than just the ocean.)

Using kilopower for this purpose will also allow testing of reusability of the reactors, and force the ability to scale baseline and on-demand manufacturing capabilities.

Programmers / Software Developers

Programmers will be needed to start the process of automation so that these projects can operate on their own and people can work independently.


We need people to help us make sure everybody is on the same page. This is a clean-up and damage prevention operation!


We need you to help depict ideas, so that we can share them with others in a more conveyable way.

Emotional Support/ Cheerleaders/ Therapists

People are humans and they need help to be at their best. Whether you're actually a therapist that can help people participating on this project bw the best version of themselves, or just want to be a shoulder to cry on, or a voice that say's I'm here and I support you; we need folks to spread the word that we're trying to do something to make a difference, and we'd love their help to make it happen!